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The Web Site (The "Site") is run and managed by CheapFlyDesk and www.cheapflydesk.com. It may be noted that after accessing the Sub-Site (if such Sub-site is an affiliate of CheapFlyDesk.com) then such Sub-Site will have its own Terms and Conditions.

CheapFlyDesk.com and its Terms and Conditions of use besides other Additional Terms published on the website will mean the entire agreement falling within the CheapFlyDesk.com. The website is meant for booking the flight tickets of the international and domestic airlines in the North America and USA. The passengers/customers will not disseminate, or exchange or adjust or for that matter, sell or communicate any information appearing as Text, Image plus Video and Audio files designed for the commercial and public purposes.

Materials on the Website

The customers, passengers and the users will not indulge in the posting or communicating or conveying the libelous, obscene or profane material on the website. The material if considered unlawful would mean criminal offense and this may lead to the civil liability or disavow any law. CheapFlyDesk.com will not take any responsibility of the profanity or defamation.

Obligatory Rights

CheapFlyDesk will consider all the communications, material directed or sent to the website through an electronic mail as purely non-confidential in nature. Similarly, all Comments, Data and Suggestions shall be considered as entirely non confidential.

Indemnification Rights of CheapFlyDesk

We will not be responsible for occurrence of any losses, compensations, consequences or fines or the costing or outlays whatsoever. It is important and significant that such indemnification rights shall become applicable in all conditions.

Policies Applicable to the Flight Cancelations and Amendments

Flight tickets booked by the customers on www.cheapflydesk.com or its partner websites shall need to pay for the cancelation charges, as applicable by the international or domestic airlines. These charges shall vary on the basis of Cabin Class and the Type of Flight. If it is a refundable flight ticket, then a Zero Cancelation Fee will be charged.

We will also charge the Convenience Fee and it is Non-Refundable in all events of booking.

There are certain flight bookings, which may stand canceled only partially in alignment with policies framed by the respective airlines. The agents at www.cheapflydesk.com would assist the customers/passengers to process the refunds. However, there may be the cases where customers/passengers should get in touch with the airlines directly.

No-Show or Unutilized Bookings

In all these cases, the customers/passengers shall initiate the refunds within a span of 60 working days from the date of travel. No refunds will be paid if the tenure of 60 Working Days has crossed, and the entire unclaimed amount shall be deemed to be forfeited.

Note: The travel agents at CheapFlyDesk will charge the cancelation fee, and this is entirely on the basis of the supplier policies and obligatory norms as available in the writing.

Cancellation Policy for Group Tours: Subject of the Supplie

If the cancelation of group flight bookings is initiated, then group leader will either request or inform about the cancelation. If cancelations are desired within 24 Hours, it is suggested to the customers that they get in touch with Airlines and subsequently forward the process of cancelation request on the www.cheapflydesk.com for issuance of refunds.

Refund Policy

The flight booking agents working with CheapFlyDesk and www.cheapflydesk.com will process the refund once the request for the cancelation is initiated from request/claim from the customer/travel agent/corporate company either through email or over the mobile phone.

The processing of refunds shall take almost 3 Working Days or 72 Hours only after confirmation of it is received from Airlines or other suppliers. If you want the refund amount in your registered Bank Account, we will charge around 10% refund service charges and in such event, the processing of refunds will be around 15 to 20 working/business days.

Refunds (In Cases of Insolvency)

CheapFlyDesk and www.cheapflydesk.com shall not be responsible or accountable if the airlines/supplier shows insolvency. The customers will not hold us liable for issuing the refunds during the event of booking the tickets with respective international or domestic airlines. CheapFlyDesk and www.cheapflydesk.com may receive the assurance for issuing the refunds on behalf of the suppliers/airlines, but only if they recover the refund amount from them.

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