Privacy Policy

Privacy Terms for Safeguarding the Personal Identity–

CheapFlyDesk adheres to the references and protocols, which provides the rightful protection of private information to identity of the users during the browsing of the website

Passengers, Customers or the Users who visit the website interface shall have their personal information safeguarded on all costs.

The information provided by Passengers, Customers or the Users is essential for guiding the arrangements and allowing seamless booking experience. As and when required, we may also share the personally identifiable information of Passengers, Customers or the Users with trusted partners like the hotels, airlines as well as the airport ground handlers for safe arrival of the baggage to end destination.

The “Privacy Policy” referred to as “Policy” clearly defines and elucidate the manner in which information is collected, used and the manner in which this personal information shall be safeguarded for the future use.

Commitment to Safeguarding the Privacy Policy

  • CheapFlyDesk and has the Policy fabricated within the boundary where it becomes verifiable by the Passengers, Customers or the Users, when they will use any interface of the website or use the TFN for interacting with us. All the User Terms described herewith comply with the necessities provided within the Privacy Protection and its enforcement herewith. We have incorporated special policies and specific procedures for protection of private information. The policies are regularly checked and updated for ensuring better and more realistic flight booking and browsing experience.
  • CheapFlyDesk and has put in place sensibly reasonable methodologies for ensuring complete adherence to the provisions of Privacy Protection and enforcement of legislative obligations.
  • Personal information of Passengers, Customers or the Users is further protected by us and directives are issued at regular time intervals for educating the management of CheapFlyDesk from every perspective.

Scope of Policy

The scope of this policy comes with reasonable terms of use applicable on Passengers, Customers or the Users. The information collected, processed and later used with respect to Passengers, Customers or the Users shall fall within the framework of the activities carried out by them. We have put in place the information and the protocols to safeguard the privacy and private information of Passengers, Customers or the Users.

3rd Party Policy Agreements

There may be specific sections of the website, which will direct you to 3rd Party Websites and the information fetched by these 3rd Party websites will not comply with the terms of the policy of CheapFlyDesk and It is therefore recommended that the Privacy Policy of these websites in detail.

How We Define Identification

Identification or the Personal Identification shall include: Your name, date of birth, gender, nationality and passport number. In case the passenger includes Minor, we shall collect their information as well while establishing the flight booking.

What is Contact Information?

The contact information shall include Telephone number, physical address apart from the email address.

What are the Reservation Details?

When the Passengers or Customers will book flight ticket or buy flight itineraries, we are going to gather information and this would comprise Travel Date, Flight Reservations, and the Check-In. We may also collect the miscellaneous information for any Upgrades and Extra Baggage.

Information Collected through Social media

We collect information about the online or offline contests or comments for sharing social media platforms. While navigating, we may collect the information about Passengers, Customers or the Users. Likewise, we have the authority through the means of the Law to collect sensitive and personalized information, which may otherwise reveal the Racial or Ethical Origin, Physical and/or Mental Well-being apart from the religious philosophies and illicit bends.

Flight Reservations through 3rd Party

A third-party flight reservation means the bookings made by family member, friend or another person on the behalf of the passenger. The Third Party shall give us the same level of information as collected from the passenger.

Improving the Customer Experience

The opinion of Passengers, Customers and/or Website Users is of prime importance to us. We may most likely collect the information of Passengers, Customers and/or Website Users through the Feedback sent to us via Email, Social Media or the Online Surveys. The communication and literature used during the Feedback may be used for different purposes for managing a strong relationship between Passengers, Customers and/or Website Users and the

Policy Updates

The policy may change invariably with respect to the rules and regulations that follow the aviation sector. The new policy shall become active as and when it gets published on the website. We therefore suggest the Passengers, Customers or the Users to visit the website regularly.

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